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What is Express Reorder

Express Reorder allows you to quickly and easily place an order via the website based on a prior purchase.
This may be especially useful for people who tend to re-order the same items on a reoccurring basis, saving you the hassle of locating and adding these items to your cart each time you shop with us.

Do I have a choice of what gets re-ordered?

Yes. You select which previous order you want to repeat. The items from that order are then placed into your cart. You can then remove, add to, or adjust the quantity of the items in your cart.

How do I use Express Reorder?

To use Express Reorder you must have previously created an account and placed order.

After you have logged into the Website, select the "My Account - Order History" menu item in the top right corner of the screen. Your prior purchase history will be displayed.

From here you can either click the Re-Order button at the right of any previous order, or chose to first spyglass icon to "view" previous order and look for the Re-Order button on the page.

When you press the Re-Order button, all items from that previous order are added to your cart. You can then review the items currently in your cart, remove, add to, or adjust the quantity, then check out as usual.